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Chemical industry

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Jinfeng Pump Industry

Jinfeng Pump Industry
The medium flow is stable, no pulsation, no stirring, no shearing and squeezing, and is suitable for conveying sensitive media.
Can transport high concentration, high viscosity, high abrasive media.
Can transport fiber containing medium containing solid particles.
Transportation of various types of inorganic acids, alkalis, salts, emulsions, suspensions and various organic media, such as alcohols, esters, etc.
Jinfeng Pump Industry "Gold seal" pump hose output, installation, maintenance and convenient operation safety.
Jinfeng Pump Industry Transportation of high viscosity media in the chemical industry.
Jinfeng Pump Industry 3 sets of gold seal anti-corrosive pump is running perfect
Jinfeng Pump Industry 20 gold seal screw pump is conveying sensitivity high viscosity glue



Jinfeng Pump Industry